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Dispatcher is now free and open source!

Puchisoft Dispatcher is an amazing product that will save you countless hours. Dispatcher creates the most powerful Updaters at the best price. Don't make your users jump through hoops to get your updates any longer! Dispatcher saves you time, bandwidth, and money while giving your users the best updating experience possible!

Feature Comparison

Freeware Edition Professional Edition Corporate Edition
Create Unlimited Updaters Yes Yes Yes
Sync Mode Yes Yes Yes
Patch Mode (Info) Yes Yes Yes
Stats Reporting No Yes Yes
Ad After Updates Yes No No
Commercial Use No Yes Yes
Branding More Less None
Price Free $69 $39 $179 $79

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How does downloading my purchased edition work?
Once your payment is confirmed, a Registration Code is sent to you. With that, you are able to create a Dispatcher Username and Password. You can then log in at Puchisoft.com at any time to download Dispatcher.

Does Dispatcher include DRM, preventing functionality if Puchisoft.com goes down?
No. Dispatcher does NOT come with any DRM: Installing Dispatcher does NOT require activation, and you may install Dispatcher on all your company's computers. No part of Dispatcher relies on Puchisoft servers. Even if Puchisoft headquarters are wiped out by a meteor, Dispatcher will continue to function fully! You may optionally log into Dispatcher for statistical purposes, but it is not required.

What is the scope of the license?
Company-wide. With one license, you may install Dispatcher on all your company's computers, and release as many applications with Dispacther as you want, as long as they are published by your company. Your license does not cover bundling Dispatcher's Updaters to software published by other companies. If you require different terms, please contact us.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes! The Freeware Edition provides you with nearly all the features of the other editions. If you are a freeware author, you can fully use the Freeware Edition with your software.

How long will it take to confirm my payment?
Payment is confirmed manually. Usually, you will receive your Registration Code within 24 hours. However, in some cases it may take longer. Please allow up to 72 hours.